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Weddings in the Florida Keys
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Keys Weddings LLC * Key Largo, Florida

Captains, Ministers & Notaries Anya Elis & Robert Doyle* * +1 (305) 394-2314



Romantic wedding ceremony, very simple or very luxurious. It doesn’t get any more personal than this!

We will organize your wedding or be where you want to celebrate your wedding ceremony, and we and our experienced partners will organize your wedding with locations and/or catering and/or accommodations, just like you dreamed it!

We limit our schedule to only one event a day. You… come first on your day. No rush, no stress, only romance and enjoyment …for YOU!

Every wedding ceremony is unique, and your wishes and needs are all we care about. It doesn’t matter to us where, when and how you would like your ceremony to be - we just make it happen.

We also offer Unique Specialty Weddings and a “Do It Yourself” Wedding, and we are open to any idea you may have.

From the get-go, we want you to feel comfortable in a personal atmosphere. You can come to us with all your questions, wishes and dreams, so that you can thoroughly enjoy your vacation here and your most memorable day.

A wedding in the Florida Keys can be arranged very easily. The bride and groom only need photo ID and a Marriage License, that can be arranged for about $90 right here in the Keys.

The ceremony can take place on the beach, on a sailboat at sunset, under palm trees at the ocean, or even under water.

We can take care of every detail, including hotels & vacation rentals, dinner, makeup, decorations and of course the ceremony.

Just give us a shout, we’ll make you a non-commital offer suited to your wishes!

For more information email or call (305) 394-5046

Small intimate weddings are our specialty: Captains, Notaries and Ordained Ministers Anya & Rob will make your dream of a wedding in the Florida Keys come true.










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Officiant / Photos / Minister